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He likes you but does not want a relationship. What do you do?

The fact that someone likes you and admits it does not automatically mean you two are dating. In this age of grey areas, your relationship status should not be one of such areas. 

It can be very confusing what course of action to take when a guy admits that he likes you but adds that he does not want to be in a relationship. Do you just play it cool and go with the flow because you don't want to come off as desperate? Or do you put your foot down and ask for a relationship, then risk losing him altogether? 

Here is my piece of advice: I don't think anyone should use you as a Plan B or a bus stop till whatever he is looking for comes along. Don't allow anyone to do that to you. 

You may say, "But Ladynaija, what if he has genuine reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship like he is still hung up on someone else, he is trying to sort out some personal issues, etc?" 

My dear, let him respect you enough by telling you what reasons he may have for his decision. Run his reason(s) by a trusted friend and listen to what the friend has to say (since you like him, your opinion may be biased). If your friend says it is reasonable and you are comfortable with the arrangement, then you two should remain, PLATONIC friends, till he is ready. He had better not expect sex (not that I even endorse premarital sex). 

However, if he does not give cogent reasons or you simply don't like the arrangement then move on and set your sights elsewhere. You will be fine. Don't ever settle. 

This is my piece of honest advice. 

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KenHarmless Feb 26

That's true ,,friendship is not love ,,though love starts from friendship


"wht ever does't kil u maks u strong" f he/she refuses,u liv

Mvwindow Feb 20

I Like Sex But Not With Guys If Possible What Impact Education.


tell her if she dosen't like u,..u leave her

seekersilver Feb 20

true talk

Abrochi Feb 20

If both understand what they are going into (friendship or relationship) it saves a lot of energy.

SFT1 Feb 20

Kul cart dude,bless ya!

FrankBrume Feb 20

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mtueni Feb 20

true thx

mtueni Feb 20

true thx

peacebenny Feb 20

A gud advice tnx

mich38055 Feb 20

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nonsoranky Feb 20