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Top 6 reasons why you might not feel loved

Love is an essential part of life, both to be given and received. 

In spite of this, there might be times when you don't feel loved when you actually are. What could be responsible for such a feeling? 

1. You just went through a breakup 

After a particularly harrowing breakup, you may feel abandoned and unloved. However, remember that your family and friends' love count too. 

2. You're depressed 

Poor mental health could account for feelings of not being loved. This is why you should assess yourself and see if you exhibit other symptoms such as general disinterest, fatigue, as well as unexplained and deep sadness. 

3. Your friends lead eventful lives

It is so easy to feel neglected and uncared for when it seems like your friends have busier lives than you. That someone is busy doesn't mean he/she doesn't love you anymore.

4. You have unrealistic expectations 

You may have watched too many romance flicks or novels that have left you feeling desperate when in reality, no one can really do those things... Running through an airport to profess undying love or stopping a bus to propose? Oh please! Accept the fact these things are fiction. 

5. You have been around truly unloving people 

You may feel unloved because you have surrounded yourself with bitter people, incapable of sharing the love. This is why you should spend more time with people you are convinced care about you. 

6. You don't love yourself 

This sums up the matter. If you don't love and accept yourself then you will never be satisfied with how much affection anyone else showers on you. You need to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-love.

In the end, constantly feeling unloved is enough reason to do some deep soul-searching to know if any of the above apply or you are just lonely and need to socialize with people some more. 

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FrankBrume Mar 11

Ar u a woman looking for the fruit of the womb but your man could not impregnate you, contact me for solution.

johnson2625 Feb 22

abe na

CitirexBiim Feb 20

Mingling, associating or hangging around with wayward companions who have nothing to offer u in life can lead u to melancholy & depression!

Porsche02 Feb 20

Dis iz an essential fact ppl must knw

ubochi99 Feb 20

it okay learning mattrs alot

StepheneDacrown Feb 20

Fantastic Especially Number 3

Brendaloveth Feb 20

Nyc one sum pple r jux saddest dem self makin orders feel sad alwys

Deheartoflove19 Feb 20

This is so insightful