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Who deserves rape?

The current discussions surround rape and sexual harassment/assault have drummed into the ears of many that rape is the worst crime against a woman. Many of us have come to agree and we tell other people not to promote rape, yet there are ways in which we still promote the culture of rape.

When we hear that a lady was raped, many of us still ask where it happened, how it happened and what she was wearing as if somehow these questions justify why she was raped. We say to ourselves, "Well if she was walking in a seedy part of town, such things usually happen there." Others say, "What was she wearing? If it was skimpy then she asked for it." Some people even go as far as saying, "Rape is bad o but she probably didn't fight hard enough."

Come on, people! This has got to stop. We do not realize that these thoughts that we unconsciously share with others form the basis of excuses that rapists and other perverts give themselves. 

No one deserves to be raped, not even a prostitute. I have said this many times before and still stand by it. I am not excusing prostitution or indecent dressing. They are vices on their own but never a reason to sexually assault anyone. No matter how you look at it, there is no justification. Imagine that someone steals from you so you decide to kill the person. If everyone did this, the world will descend into chaos. 

Saying that some ladies ask to be sexually assaulted, by their behavior or dressing also speaks poorly of the menfolk. They are not animals without control so why should some skin drive them to such lust that they debase a woman by raping her? 

No one deserves to be raped!

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Charlyzealous Feb 17 2018

humourous act

Cdikc Feb 17 2018

Girls Come And Rape Me

Summyborla1 Feb 17 2018

No body

manuuS Feb 17 2018


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jadyfrenzy Feb 15 2018

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kentcr7 Feb 14 2018

rape has to stop

anison1 Feb 13 2018


Cowmilk Feb 13 2018


edwardanita1 Feb 13 2018

no one at all but just only d one dat which to ripe another

2cent95 Feb 13 2018

Seriously.An expose ripe manGO alwyz attract those who wish 2see. I gues dats y some litle kid wan 2climb up 4 A TEST.

nikko90 Feb 13 2018

yes ohh...we must say NO to rape nd violence......peace out

anne1071 Feb 13 2018


kimerax14 Feb 13 2018